Strong, Quality Garbage Bags

Made with low density, thick gauge resin, that resists tears, rips and leaks.

About Us


Reduce annoyance, reduce stress, reduce cleanup time, and reduce lingering odor from last week’s trash with our heavy duty trash bags available in multiple sizes. Use them to line large sanitation cans and prevent leaks, rips, and breakthroughs from occurring under the weight of wet and heavy garbage. They will not break regardless of what you put inside including thorny rose stems, blackberry bushes, and pointy material.


These individually folded heavy duty trash bags are difficult to find in retail stores. Now you won’t have to worry about 55 gallon trash bags that slip down into the can when full. The extra large size leaves plenty of extra liner to pull over the top of the container without being too tight or falling down. Made from low density resin which creates a thick, sturdy gauge of plastic that is pliable and will not fall apart under the demands of heavy loads and sharp materials.